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Winter engagement session in Paris


It was a cold day but full of sunshine during the shooting session. I just can’t forget this beautiful couple ‘Kendall & Brady’. I don’t know if you’ll like these photos but for myself, I just couldn’t be more satisfied with this work! All these photos make me think about a ‘Hollywood love story’ movie, some of them just look like movie posters.

For an engagement shooting session in Paris, so many Parisian streets views are much more romantic and less crowded than some iconic landmarks. We spent hours to walk around Notre-Dame, Pont Louis-Philippe and Pont Saint-Louis. It was so comfortable to take photos for this photogenic couple and ‘Oliver’, their lovely dog! They were so nice, so sweet and I can feel their love through their body touch, eyes contact, smile, each moment was so natural and true!

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December engagement session in Paris


It was a beautiful winter day when Tammie and Roy came from Hong Kong to have their engagement photos in Paris. I was so happy to have someone to talk to me in Cantonese! Thank you for a well deserved hot chocolate at Trocadero! 🙂pre wedding, engagement, honeymoon photography

Destination Wedding


Suzette and Ryan are American and they came to Paris for their wedding ceremony with their loved ones. We started to shoot at the hotel in separate rooms for ‘get ready’ and candid shots. They chose one of the most beautiful garden, ‘Jardin du Luxembourg’, for their wedding venue. All of us were so stressed about the weather forecast with heavy showers and a strong wind, but finally it wasn’t bad, we even can say it was a very beautiful day, thanks God!

After the wedding ceremony, I brought them to hit some famous landmarks for a couple shooting session until sunset. We had so much fun during the day, they were very sweet and cute, they told me that it was the first time for them to have a professional shooting session and in fact they were both great models!

I believe Paris is a dream place for the couples who want to have a fairy tale wedding and it’s simple to make your dream come true!


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